Hi I'm Alexis!

I'm new to this whole blog idea so bare with me! As a business owner and my love of sharing my most recent work, I thought it might be fun to start a photography blog. I'll be sharing some of my photos here and what I love about my job, from real estate to family photos and everything in between. I might throw in some tips and tricks or fun backstory of my most recent shoots. Thanks for reading! :)

I'm from Malibu, California... yeah yeah yeah I know what everyone says to that statement. "Are you rich?" "Have you ever met anyone famous?" Simple answer, no I'm not but I'm fortunate for where I grew up and what my parents did for us to live in such a beautiful place, and yes I have met some famous people but to me I just see them as normal down to earth people. Malibu was and will always be that small surf town to me, (even though its grown into Beverly Hills by the beach... not a fan!) it still has some of my favorite things and memories like getting our favorite breakfast burritos from Lily's before school or sitting at Malibu Yogurt after hanging at the beach for hours and of course stopping by our favorite surf shop Becker Surfboards. I grew up having horses and always wanting to be outside with them or at the beach and when my dad gave me my first film camera I started photographing everything in my sight, the horses running around and playing, to the beautiful scenery and sunsets.

That love and passion for photography grew into photographing real estate, family photos, weddings and whatever caught my eye. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and let me tell you, this state has so much to see and I just want to explore every bit of it! I can't wait to share it with you!